What is podcasting

An Introduction To Video Podcasting

Everyone’s going crazy about the iPod Video. Having claimed the title of the Coolest Gadget for the 21st Century, the iPod has gone through several incarnations, and the latest is the model that could play videos, and even full fledged movies (if your memory stick would allow), on the screen of the diminutive device. This is made possible by MPEG-4, or mp4, technology that is capable of compressing relatively high resolutions of video in a smaller file format perfect for downloading and storing in portable media devices, like the aforementioned iPod Video.

Broadcasting video, either streaming or in complete downloadable form, has been with us for years. But video podcasting, or the preparation of videofiles for download and playing in portable media devices like the aforementioned iPod Video, is a novel approach that has gained grounds only in late 2005.

Indeed, video podcasting has instantly become a promising medium, what with Apple corporation’s newest wonder toy. The benefits that can be derived from this channel are very exciting, both for the content publisher as well as the content consumer.

Content Publishers

Content publishers can ensure that their messages would be delivered in the most stimulating and enticing way possible. People would respond more to what they could hear and see.

Content publishers who wish to inform and educate consumers can be assured that video podcasting is the best way by which other people can learn about what the publishers want to share. People want to be shown what to do, instead of merely being told on how to proceed. Actual images that would demonstrate the message are far more effective than written texts.

Content publishers who decide to distribute video content are viewed as credible enterprises which have invested much on cutting edge technology. Yes, video podcasting may not be as difficult as how other people would put it, but this misconception can help you build your brand.

Video podcasts would give consumers more reasons to enjoy their downloaded content.

Video podcasts make a lot of things possible: entertainment movies, music videos, instructional materials, serialized programs, and the likes are just some of the many possible applications for this relatively new medium.

Ipod Video owners are quickly growing in number, and the demand for video podcasts would likewise increase with the growth of its audience base. Experts predict that by 2010, the number of users who have the iPod video or other similar portable media players would be pegged at 50 million. If you want to make the most out of this field, today is the best time to start.

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